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In 1999, Quarterly Forum (QF) was founded to provide a place for emerging executives to dream more, learn more, do more and become more while coordinating civic activities amongst its members. What began as a breakfast with Mike Fries, Scott Reiman and then entrepreneur, John Hickenlooper, has emerged as the state’s premier community leadership development organization with numerous educational programs spanning the public, private and social sectors with approximately 250 graduates and members.


Colorado has a unique and very real heritage of successful leaders who accomplish great things in their careers while giving of themselves to the community and the greater good of the state. These community leaders have led between and among sectors throughout their lives and have dramatically improved the strength, vitality and potential of our state.  Following in the steps of the pioneers before them, Colorado’s community leaders have established the ‘Colorado Way’ of building our state with a spirit of collaboration and civic responsibility.


Our mission is to educate, inspire and connect the next generation of community leaders from the public, private and social sectors who together will build new levels of leadership capacity for future generations.  Our educational programs are experiential and are designed to provide the skills and knowledge to improve individual leadership ability while inspiring graduates to embrace their roles as community and civic leaders.   

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